Latest Work: The God Antenna


“What if belief in god is centered in a spot in one’s brain? And what if a pill can erase that belief, while boosting one’s intelligence? This is the stuff of Niko Zinovii’s The God Antenna – part science fiction, part philosophical speculation, totally interesting.”

—Ben Bova

Campbell & 6 time Hugo Award winning author and editor


"THE GOD ANTENNA deals with some fascinating and serious questions about a subject that science fiction rarely deals with. Recommended."

—Mike Resnick

Nebula & 5 time Hugo Award winning author and all-time leading award winning author for short fiction


"Thoughtful and gripping. Impossible to put down."

—Jack McDevitt

Nebula & Campbell Award winning author




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  • Title: The God Antenna
    Author: Niko Zinovii

    Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9852230-0-7


    ISBN: 978-0-9852230-1-4 (ePub)
    ISBN: 978 -0-9852230-2-1 (mobi)
    ISBN: 978 -0-9852230-3-8 (pdf)