Our Vision

"Art can challenge, inspire, and uplift the human mind, as well as motivate positive change in the human condition."— Niko Zinovii

Art is at its finest when it is optimistic and life asserting. When it expresses faith in the mind of man, expanding perceptions and inspiring the soul, celebrating wonderment by imagining the possibilities of what humanity and science can produce. It is at its strongest when even tragedy is faced with strength and a sense of wonder. When it is shown that we carry the torch for much more than we are aware.

Our Theme

More than science fiction.

We primarily promote "Speculative Fiction," in the spirit of Robert A. Heinlein's original use of the term, i.e., as a synonym for science fiction that specifically excludes fantasy. We believe this complements Arthur C. Clarke defining the difference between science fiction and fantasy as the former being what is possible and can be, the latter being what is inherently impossible and thus cannot be.

Along these lines, we have elected to further recognize literary stories that contain fantastic but possible elements as falling under the rubric of speculative fiction.Thus we do not limit speculative fiction to the science fiction genre alone.

We embrace the improbable made possible and the remarkable sense of wonder that it instills.


Niko Zinovii, executive director


Niko Zinovii is originally from Connecticut, where he earned his BA in Anthropology, with an emphasis in biological anthropology and archaeology, studying evolution and human genetics, in the process obtaining what he describes as a unique and insightful worldview.

Later in life, in California, after writing a number of screenplays on spec, Niko earned his MA in Economics to expand his understanding of man and politics.

Although Niko professes that his great interest lies in science, his passion in political and philosophical ideology, he finds himself, at times, an artist at heart, a writer.

Studio Goal

Zinovii Art Studio's aim is to produce and publish high quality works of "speculative fiction," and occasionally works of fantasy, in the format of novels, novellas, anthologies, graphic novels, and film.

Company Info

Zinovii Art Studio is a sole proprietorship based in sunny Santa Monica, California, U.S.A. The studio is a publishing house and production company.