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"Thoughtful and gripping. Impossible to put down."
—Jack McDevitt, Nebula & Campbell Award winning author

“What if belief in god is centered in a spot in one’s brain? And what if a pill can erase that belief, while boosting one’s intelligence? This is the stuff of Niko Zinovii’s The God Antenna – part science fiction, part philosophical speculation, totally interesting.”
—Ben Bova, Campbell & 6 time Hugo Award winning author and editor

"THE GOD ANTENNA deals with some fascinating and serious questions about a subject that science fiction rarely deals with. Recommended."
—Mike Resnick, Nebula & 5 time Hugo Award winning author and all-time leading award winning author for short fiction

"The God Antenna is a scientifically literate attempt to return to the serious science fiction of
the classical era (as exemplified by Aurthur C. Clarke) with a focus on real, significant issues
confronting our time. The questions it asks are not new (they are timeless) but the answers it
suggests shed new light on universal issues.

The story is well-crafted with plots and sub-plots that nicely bring out the themes. Although the themes range from the nature of man's belief in God to the manipulation of that belief by post-biological means, the climax of the story brings these themes together in a way that asks penetrating questions about them.

This book is an anomaly for our times. Its story exists somewhere between science fiction and
—Jack Sexton, former AI researcher

"As we meet new worlds, everything we know is challenged. "The God Antenna" is a science fiction novel from Niko Zinovii as he explores the time of First contact with other worlds and the changes that it does to the world, exploring the impact of the contact and blending in traditional and biblical mythology and everything else. With plenty to think about stewed in, "The God Antenna" is a read that is very much worth considering for those seeking science fiction with an original take."
—John Taylor, reviewer for The Midwest Book Review

"The God Antenna recalls the wonder of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. It is a rich tapestry made of fantastic ideas and magnificent characters woven by a master story teller. Even if you are only a casual reader of SF you should pick it up. You will not be disappointed!"
—Donald R. Krick Jr, reader

"I finished reading The God Antenna yesterday. One word: Mind-Blowing !!! This book paints a live picture in the reader's mind. One can actually feel like they are breathing in the same space as Peter, Quinn, Walter and Pi, can hear the commotion around them and experience the same adrenaline rush. Niko Zinovii has managed to brilliantly capture the emotional turmoils of each character in just a few words. I am amazed at the accuracy of his portrayal of the characters and how similar they are to people we can find around us. 

Is the future going to be what the book predicts? Would we face those tragedies as the world of Peter and Dima did? Who knows, but I do know that this book would make the reader wonder about the what if's and how so's of life.

Thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of the intriguing world of the Tha."
—Prerna Anand Swaroop, reader

"On a rainy eve, wine glass in hand, I delved into "The God Antenna", and couldn't put it down... On that magical eve, listening to the rain bounce off my window, I thought to myself that this book is truly a work of genius and silently wished that I could pen something like this... 5 Stars and truly a 'must read'"
—Taylor Saint-Savage, author

"This is a scientifically literate and mature drama that weaves a dense web of story lines and themes into a surprisingly exciting story. It is not the kind of puerile science fantasy that is all too prevalent nowadays but rather a plausible, captivating drama that looks at issues that lie somewhere between science, philosophy and culture. For someone willing to pick it up and think about what they are reading, you find about 1/3 of the way in that it is not what you thought - but a deep questioning along the lines of "The Age of Spiritual Machines.""
—Anonymous, reader