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Imagine a little white pill that can dramatically boost your memory and IQ.
Oh, just one thing—it also removes your ability to believe in God...

The God Antena

A philosophical science fiction tale of unusual extraterrestrial visitation. The novel targets readers of fantasy and mainstream fiction as well, due to its mythic feel and its unique presentation of the near future being a time when it is the mind of man, rather than his technology, that has been dramatically altered—all due to a tiny white pill, "Little Miracle," which produced the unexpected side effect of eliminating all religious belief. It is this changed Earth that experiences First Contact.

Set is rustic Greece and Israel, the story is grounded soundly to man's past, touched only gently by future technology. It is a human story, the core of the tale set around two opposite men, one who fits into this world of tomorrow, while the other is simply unable to come to terms with it. These men walk very different paths, going on very different journeys, each wondrous yet one of science and rationality, the other of chance and religious interpretation.

Author Niko Zinovii draws upon his education in anthropology and science, and his experience as a screenplay writer, to deliver a scientifically literate, thought provoking novel where the seemingly miraculous and unfathomable clash head-on with science.

Intimate and character based, The God Antenna is nonetheless grand in scope. A story where the duplication of biblical miracles, artificial intelligence, post-humanity, love and betrayal, the oldest alien world in the cosmos, Centaurs from across the void, the origin of the ancient entity we call God, and the astounding philosophical implications of extra-solar life, nature, and science all culminate in a global event unparalleled in all human history.


The God Antenna
Niko Zinovii

"Thoughtful and gripping.
Impossible to put down."
—Jack McDevitt, Nebula & Campbell Award winning author

"The God Antenna – part science fiction, part philosophical speculation, totally interesting."
—Ben Bova, Campbell & 6 time Hugo Award winning author and editor

"THE GOD ANTENNA deals with some fascinating and serious questions about a subject that science fiction rarely deals with. Recommended."
—Mike Resnick, Nebula & 5 time Hugo Award winning author and all-time leading award winning author for short fiction

Science Fiction
Publication Date: June 2012

Guy Scata

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5.5" x 8.5"
258 pages
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ISBN: 978-0-9852230-0-7

250 pages
Price: $6.95
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