The God Antenna - Synopsis 2:

Welcome to the near future: A time when the mind of man has been dramatically altered, his perception of reality forever changed; all due to a tiny white pill, “Little Miracle,” which, after taken, boosts IQ but also eliminates all religious belief. It is this changed Earth that experiences First Contact: Astounding extraterrestrial visitation and invasion coupled by seemingly supernatural events. 

Peter Demidov, a scientist, travels to Mount Áthos, the Holy Mountain, to find God, but instead he finds something truly incredible. With his newfound friend, Abbot Dmitri Nikitin, they glimpse the wondrous and face the astonishing.

Sean Quinn goes to sea to forget God, but instead becomes God’s pawn. With his newfound friend, Dr. Ofar Ben-Ami, they glimpse the miraculous and face the unfathomable. 

These two opposite pairs of men walk very different paths, going on very different journeys, each wondrous yet one of science and rationality, the other of chance and religious interpretation. 

Peter’s wife, Katerina, lives in neither of these worlds, her universe being one of art, poetry, and the appreciation of beauty and myth. With her close friend, archaeologist Walter Maynard, she encounters the truly unexpected and it changes her life forever. 

The life paths of these six individuals, and three unique inhuman others, converge at a place and time of cataclysmic circumstances of mythic proportion. This is that incredible story: The God Antenna